Girls With Wings Foundation

We Empower. Educate. Excel.

Founded as a response to the rapidly growing need to close the opportunity gap that forms the base of a rather growing gender inequity in Ghana and indeed, across the African continent; the Girls With Wings Foundation seeks to empower a new and rising generation of girls, women and children by inspiring, advocating and promoting a greater SHE-participation in Science and Technology careers; from aviation to fintech.

Innovation for Inclusion

Our Vision

Become the leading hub for Girls and Women Empowerment in Ghana

Our Mission

To empower girls and women across Ghana’s rural and urban communities

Message From our Founder

I am a woman, a mother, and an accomplished professional in my field; I am living my dreams but I was once a girl with little opportunity. That awareness that I could not be where I am today or who I am today but for the bridges of opportunity that I have been offered at critical points in my development as a girl and now woman formed the basis for founding the Girls With Wings Foundation”. – Evelyn Oye Lamptey.

Our Impact Focus Areas

Hands-on Career Starter Programs or Initiative for Girls

At Girls With Wings Foundation, we’re all about sparking those bright futures! Our hands-on career starter programs are like a launchpad for girls, giving them the skills and confidence to take on the world

STEM Career Drives

Our strategic initiatives propel participants into the heart of STEM disciplines, fostering a deep appreciation and understanding of these fields. Through targeted programs, we cultivate the skills and enthusiasm necessary for success in STEM careers.

Empower Her Outreaches to Ghana’s Communities

Join us in the heart of Ghana as we kick off our Empower Her Outreaches! It’s not just a visit; it’s a celebration of empowerment. 

Gender Equity Advocacy

At Girls With Wings Foundation, we’re on a mission for change with our Gender Equity Advocacy. It’s not just a cause; it’s a friendly rally for fairness and balance.

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